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Eduvate is a recognised, registered and an accredited global teacher training provider based in the UK.

We are not just a training provider. We are a company that is led by a CEO who is a teacher trained out of Oxford herself and has first hand knowledge, expertise and the experience of what it is like to train as a teacher and be a teacher. Therefore, Eduvate takes pride in the fact that we are just not a training company or business, but
Eduvate are a team of teacher training experts. To ensure the experience and expertise is not compromised,
the entire team is handpicked to ensure that we do not compromise our mission and vision.

All our trainers are fully qualified with a QTS/QTLS and years of teaching and training experience. We deem it of paramount importance to ensure that the quality of teacher training is ‘high end’. We are also passionate to ensure that ALL aspiring teachers and trainers can gain access and hence we have designed our course as such that we can facilitate our trainings globally.
Why? Equal opportunity for anyone who so wishes to train and why not?

We make it possible.

Eduvate will always ensure their values remain intact throughout a trainees' experience with us.

Why? Because Eduvate are more than just teacher trainers, Eduvate believe in curating and cultivating the best teachers possible to give all learners the best experience possible.

Why Us?

Eduvate training courses are designed to meet the needs of all trainees globally. We are UK based, but our trainings are accessible to all and anyone who has the entry level credentials to enrol from anywhere across the globe. We will not only give you the best possible training, but will also support you with employability as we want all our teacher and trainers to leave us and whilst they do so, walk into their dream role as either a qualified teacher or train the trainer.

We understand how busy life has become and therefore we want to ensure that we can facilitate training to empower and aspire our trainees to become the best teachers and trainer through a non-university route.

The non-university route itself is an empowering one as it opens doors of opportunity to many people who in the past were unable to train due to ‘challenges of life’. Now anyone including, but not limited to; teaching assistants, learning support staff, tutors, unqualified teachers and industry experts can obtain a TQUK (Training Qualification UK - Ofqual regulated) recognised Diploma in Education and Training (DET Level 5), a qualification which can lead to a
Qualified Teacher Learner Status (QTLS).

Although the course is panned over a year, we understand that many of our learners will join us with a wealth of experience and therefore we have multiple ‘fast track’ options. These will be subject to individual cases and terms and conditions.

Eduvate understands that one size does not fit all and therefore we are adamant to ensure we step up and change  conformed methodologies. Hence, we will always provide a ‘bespoke’ solution for all as we are committed to provide
equal opportunities.

If you are thinking of becoming a teacher or trainer, please connect with us and let’s see how we can complement each other.
We will never hard sell, but instead, we will share possible bespoke solutions that fit your lifestyle.


An effective and high quality non-university route into teacher training and train the trainer.

As an expert in alternative training, be the provider that will diversify the teacher and training population, alleviate teacher and trainer shortages and widen participation across the globe.


To encompass diversity and social justice in teacher and training education across the globe.

To provide flexibility, accessibility and inclusivity without compromising quality.

Diploma in Education and Training

Diploma in Education and training also known as the DET level 5 qualification is an alternative
non-university route into teacher training.

It is also a Train the Trainer qualification that enables one to be a qualified trainer in an area of occupational competency.

DET level 5 is a flexible course that can fit around your lifestyle and upon completion can give you
access to the QTLS.

QTLS is a professional and recognised status within the education sector which is gained after completing DET level 5 and registering with Society of Education and Training.


Course Title - Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training
Awarding Body - TQUK
(Training Qualification UK - Ofqual Regulated)
Course Provider - Eduvate UK

Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET L5)

This Ofqual regulated qualification, Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training qualification
prepares trainee teachers to teach or train in post 16 settings.

There is a requirement that a trainee has access to 100 teaching learning hours and is in a position to
be observed atleast eight times through out the course. This practice requirement is mandatory and
is required to assess trainees and provide evidence of suitable competency.

This qualification is a non university (an alternative) route into teacher training and the key
objective of this qualification is to confirm occupational competence in a teaching or training
role within a workplace setting.

Learners who achieve this qualification remain as a qualified train the trainer or can progress to obtain

the QTLS certificate which qualifies them to teach in the post 16 sector.
Achieving QTLS gives teachers access into schools and colleges on the same terms as QTS
(including the same pay and conditions).

Eligibility Criteria

Are you are currently teaching and training and are already meeting the practice requirements,
but have yet to achieve a ‘qualified status’ to obtain the status and pay you deserve?

Are not yet teaching and training, but can meet the requirements, including the observed and assessed
practice of the qualification and would like to achieve the qualified teaching or training status?

Do you have occupational competency and would now like to progress into the teaching or training industry?

Do you have Level 2 (or equivalent) proficiency in English, Mathematics and ICT?

Entry Criteria

All trainee teachers or trainers joining the DET L5 qualification programme are required to undertake
an initial skills assessment in English, Mathematics and ICT.

If trainees join the qualification programme having already undertaken an initial assessment of their English,
Mathematics and ICT, then their record of development needs and or any previous actions
taken to address them, need be reviewed.

There is a mandatory requirement for a ‘needs analysis’ to assess the suitability of the learner and

if there is a need for further development, then to agree an action plan.

Course Content

This course will provide learners with knowledge, understanding and skills related to teaching,
training and assessment in education and training.

Enable learners to gain knowledge, understanding and skills related to developing teaching, training
and assessment in education and training.

Enable learners to apply principles, models and theories of teaching and training in their professional

Provide learners opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding and skills related to their wider
professional practice in education and training.

Enable Learners to understand the nature and purpose of action research, inclusive education,
specialist resourcing in line with teaching and training.

This qualification can also be seen as a high end CPD for professional development and CV enhancement.

Course Structure

To be awarded the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training, the learners are required
to successfully complete
120 credits: 75 from the mandatory units and a minimum of 45 
from the optional units incorporated through 360 GLH.

Mandatory Units
Theories, principles and models in education and training (L5)
Developing TLA in education and training (L4)
Developing TLA in education and training (L5)
Wider professional practice and development in education and training (L5)

Predecided Optional Units
Inclusive practice (L4)
Effective partnership work in a teaching and learning context (L4)
Action research (L5)

Course Delivery

Diploma in Education and Training - We facilitate three models:

1. Online via E-learning which is a self-paced model with ongoing specialist support
2. Online via face to face sessions with ongoing specialist support
3. On campus via a hybrid model through college partnerships

Course Assessment

Assignments – illustrating research, knowledge, skills and practice through academic writing
Portfolio of evidence and reflections (schemes of work, planning, case studies, teaching log… etc)
Lesson Observations
Regular Termly Progress Reviews

Flexible Payment Options

Can be paid in 3 installments

For more information please contact us. 

Awarding Body registration fee:
The TQUK registration fee for the DET course is paid by Oxford Teachers at the time of student enrolment.

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