Eduvate - FCL

Eduvate is an education business founded by a former headteacher,
an education leadership coach and a philomath.
This partnership ensures that we do not compromise on the quality of education that we offer.


Welcome to First Class Learning Ely and Norwich in partnership with Eduvate. Although we are licenced by First Class Learning Ltd, we at Eduvate are passionate about education and believe that ‘everyone’ has the right to learn and succeed.


Why should children attend our learning centres?

We have the expertise to carry out robust assessments, identify core strengths, identify areas to develop and then design a personalised learning plan that will enable all children to be successful.


We not only focus on developing a child's subject knowledge and study skills using a 'mastery' pedagogy, but also promote a ‘self learning' methodology, which is a life skill not only required in education but in life itself.  

Our ultimate aim is to ensure ALL students learn, love learning and develop independent learning skills. Why? So that all students are equipped to know how to learn, but also want to learn. We want to curate curious learners who are intrinsically motivated to question, explore and understand and ones who are learners of today, but leaders of tomorrow.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and let’s work together to ‘enable’ all learners to achieve excellence.