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Eduvate is a recognised, registered and an accredited global teacher training provider based in the UK.

We are not just a training provider. We are a company that is led by a CEO who is a teacher trained out of Oxford herself and has first hand knowledge, expertise and the experience of what it is like to train as a teacher and be a teacher. Therefore, Eduvate takes pride in the fact that we are just not a training company or business, but
Eduvate are a team of teacher training experts. To ensure the experience and expertise is not compromised,
the entire team is handpicked to ensure that we do not compromise our mission and vision.

All our trainers are fully qualified with a QTS/QTLS and years of teaching and training experience. We deem it of paramount importance to ensure that the quality of teacher training is ‘high end’. We are also passionate to ensure that ALL aspiring teachers and trainers can gain access and hence we have designed our course as such that we can facilitate our trainings globally.
Why? Equal opportunity for anyone who so wishes to train and why not?

We make it possible.

Eduvate will always ensure their values remain intact throughout a trainees' experience with us.

Why? Because Eduvate are more than just teacher trainers, Eduvate believe in curating and cultivating the best teachers possible to give all learners the best experience possible.

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