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Eduvate Team

As the Director of Eduvate, I take great pride in leading a team that possesses exceptional capabilities and experience in the education sector. Our team's diverse expertise, ranging from education to technology and leadership, positions us as a recognised authority in the education sector. Through our innovative solutions and transformative impact, we are actively shaping the future of learning. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we remain at the forefront of the education ecosystem, empowering students, educators, and institutions worldwide. Together, we are making a profound and positive difference in the realm of education.

I am an influential and accomplished education leader. My extensive research expertise and executive experience is renowned in global markets. I excel in leadership, communication, and stakeholder engagement, fostering successful collaborations and robust education networks. As a driving force behind Eduvate, I ensure a competitive edge, propelling Eduvate as a true trailblazer in the education industry.

I am a zestful educational consultant with a mission to revolutionise education so it complements 'life'. By closely collaborating with educators and clients, I place a high priority on mindfulness, physical fitness, and mental health support, fostering an environment of positivity and profound influence. 

Experiencing the transformative effects on academic achievements and overall growth is incredibly rewarding.​ 

I am a passionate behaviour therapist, psychoanalytic  consultant, dedicated to empowering individuals through transformation. My focus lies in observing and understanding individual needs, unlocking hidden potential, and fostering personal and professional growth. Together, we can embark on a journey of self-discovery, promoting and improving mental well-being through the use of effective CBT techniques.

Independent Whole of Market Mortgage & Protection Consultant
Directly Authorised.
FCA no: 612752
Specialities Are All Types of Secured Loans & Non Investment Insurances.
Residential, Buy-To-Let, Commercial, Bridging, Development Finance & General Insurance (Non Investment Life Assurance, Building & Contents Insurance).

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